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05 March 2016

Reporting from Red Flag 2016

Nellis Air Force Base this year again hosts Red Flag 16-2 from 29 February to 11 March 2016 in Nevada. USA. This year, a first detachment of Italian Eurofighter TYPHOONs (Grosseto, 4th fighter wing) was invited in the large scale Reg Flag exercise with Detachment Commander Marco Bertoli. MILITARY TECHNOLOGY will report from the event this week.

Red Flag is a realistic combat training exercise involving the air, space, and cyber forces of the US and its allies. The exercise is hosted north of Las Vegas on the Nevada Test and Training Range -- the US Air Force's (USAF) premier military training area with more than 15,000sqmi of airspace and 2.9 million acres of land. With 1,900 possible targets, realistic threat systems and an opposing enemy force that cannot be replicated anywhere else in the world, Nellis AFB and the NTTR are the home of a simulated battlefield, providing combat air forces with the ability to train to fight together in a peacetime environment, and to survive and win together.

The 414th Combat Training Squadron is responsible for executing Red Flag. The exercise is one out of a series of advanced training programmes administered at Nellis AFB and on the NTTR by organisations assigned to the USAF Warfare Center. More than 76 aircraft are scheduled to depart Nellis twice a day and aircraft may remain in the air for up to five hours. Flying times are scheduled to accommodate other flying missions at Nellis AFB and provide Red Flag participants with valuable training in planning and executing a wide variety of combat missions. The exercise will include US forces and aircraft from:

  • 53rd Wing, 422nd Test and Evaluation Squadron, F-15C, Nellis AFB, Nevada
  • 4th Fighter Wing, 336th Fighter Squadron, F-15E, Seymour Johnson AFB, North Carolina
  • 432nd Wing, MQ-9, Ellsworth AFB, S.D./Creech AFB, Nevada
  • 12th Fighter Wing, 435th Fighter Training Squadron, AT-38C, Randolph AFB, Texas
  • 94th Airlift Wing, 700th Airlift Squadron, C-130H3, Dobbins ARB, Georgia
  • 20th Fighter Wing, 77th Fighter Squadron, F-16CM, Shaw AFB, South Carolina
  • 82nd Fighter Training Wing, 88th Fighter Training Squadron, AT-38C, Sheppard AFB, Texas
  • 552nd Air Control Wing, 963rd Airborne Air Control Squadron, E-3B/C/G, Tinker AFB, Oklahoma
  • 2nd Bomb Wing, 96th Bomb Squadron, B-52, Barksdale AFB, Louisiana
  • Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron 21, MH-60, Naval Air Station North Island, California
  • Italian Air Force, 4th Fighter Wing, Eurofighter F2000-A, Grosseto, Italy
  • 22nd Air Refueling Wing, KC-135, McConnell AFB, Kansas
  • Turkish Air Force 132 Fighter Squadron & 141Fighter Squadron, F-16, 3rd & 4th Main Jet Bases, Turkey
  • Turkish Air Force, 101 Air Refueling Squadron, KC-135R, 10th Tanker Base, Turkey
  • 57th Wing, 64th Aggressor Squadron, F-16C, Nellis AFB, Nevada
  • 28th Bomb Wing, 34th Bomb Squadron, B-1B, Ellsworth AFB, South Dakota