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02 March 2016

RUAG Starts Dornier 228 Latin American Tour

On 29 February, with a presentation at Puebla Airport, Mexico, the Latin American tour of RUAG’s Dornier 228 began, as part of the 1º Symposium on Airport, Port and Strategic Facilities Security, organised by T.C. Vilsa.

The Dornier 228 was shown during the day to about 60 people, including government officials and security specialists. Present were Ambassador Mario Chacón Carrillo, Chief of the International Business and Investment Promotion Unit of Pro Mexico and General Ubano, Chief of State Security, and Head of the Federal Police Aviation of Mexico, among others.

The presentation of RUAG’s Dornier 228 was held by Carlos Salamanca, Regional Sales Manager of the Dornier 228, who introduced the aircraft to guests and detailed its performance, specifications, and quality. Also, the participants were invited to board it and experience the interior of the cabin, seeing some of the possible configurations the Dornier 228 could have, with passenger and troop seats, stretchers and SAR equipment.

RUAG Dornier 228

After the plane was exhibited on the ground, two flights were made to demonstrate the operation of the Dornier 228 and its capabilities for some of the participants.

On the following day, 1 March, Salamanca also made a presentation during the conferences of a symposium at the city of Tlaxcala, explaining to the assistants the details about the plane and describing what is RUAG Aviation and the activities of the company.

Presenting the Dornier 228.

The tour will continue to Cancun (Mexico), Panama, Guayaquil (Ecuador), Bogotá and Cartagena in Colombia, Lima (Peru), Santiago de Chile, Buenos Aires (Argentina), Asunción del Paraguay, and Brasilia.
Santiago Rivas