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24 March 2016

Saab SEA GIRAFFE 1x Radar Ideal for UAV Detection

At the Maritime Security East Conference in Norfolk, VA/USA (21-23 March 2016), Saab, for the first time, showcased its SEA GIRAFFE 1X naval radar.

The SEA GIRAFFE 1X is a 3D, active electronically scanned array (AESA) radar with a weight of less than 650lbs (295kg) in total, making it suitable for smaller patrol ships. With no forced cooling requirements and a minimal number of line-replaceable units (LRU), the radar, according to Saab, requires minimal power and upkeep. Additionally, the company pointed out, all maintenance, including LRU repair, can be performed by lower-level trained engineers.

As an enhancement for the detection of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), SEA GIRAFFE 1X features Saab's enhanced Low, Slow and Small (ELSS) surveillance function. This feature allows the radar system to detect and classify small, low-flying, slow-moving air targets while continuing to provide its full suite of other air and surface reconnaissance duties. Further features of SEA GIRAFFE 1X include:

  • Radar type: Stacked beam 3D-radar
  • Antenna type: AESA, digital beam forming
  • Frequency: X (I) band
  • Elevation coverage: >70 degrees
  • Rotation rate: 60RPM
  • Instrumented range: 100km

"SEA GIRAFFE 1X is ideal for the small patrol vessels that are facing a growing role in US national security," Gene Bojarski, Business Development Manager of Naval Programs with Saab Defense and Security USA's Sensor Systems division, said. "Traditionally, smaller patrol ships have only used surface surveillance radar - but as UAVs become more prevalent, these ships must begin to add air surveillance capabilities as well."
Alexander Kolberg