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29 March 2016

Spanish Navy Takes Delivery of second AB212 Life Extension Programme

At FIDAE, SENER announced the recent delivery of the second Agusta Bell helicopter 212 (AB212) to the Spanish Ministry of Defense’s DGAM (Directorate General of Armament and Material). This is part of a modernisation project that SENER is carrying out in a Temporary Joint Venture with INAER, a leading helicopter operator in Spain. The programme involves lengthening the operational lives of a total of seven aircraft from the Spanish Navy’s Third Squadron by at least 15 years.

The life extension of the AB212 helicopters is one of the main projects that SENER is exhibiting at FIDAE, as it can be adapted for other users of this kind of helicopters or similar ones. A 1:1 scale model of the modernised cockpit can be seen at SENER’s booth, where information about other projects is also available.

This programme allows to extend the operational life of these helicopters by at least another 15 years, by incorporating advances in equipment and avionics, as well as new capacities such as radar, a night vision system, protection and self-defense systems, etc. that are needed to operate effectively in ever more demanding national and international contexts.