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27 April 2016

Dornier 228 Successfully Finishes Latin American Tour

The Dornier 228 finally arrived back at RUAG’s factory in Oberpfaffenhofen after a successful tour across Latin America.

After more than six weeks and flying over 40,000km in which 17 cities in nine countries were visited, the Dornier 228 landed back at its factory in Oberpfaffenhofen, near Munich, ending the tour over Latin America organised by RUAG Aviation.

After the visit at FIDAE, on 3 April the plane flew to Buenos Aires, where it was shown on 4 April at Ezeiza International Airport, to civil companies and representatives of the Security and Armed Forces, the national government and provincial governments. Despite of the challenging weather conditions, a demonstration flight was performed and, according to of the guests, the plane demonstrated its capabilities and that can fulfil what is needed in the country. There are many government organizations interested on a plane with the characteristics of the Dornier 228 in Argentina, while it’s also a good option for civil operations in the country. Currently, some of those organizations are in need of a fast plane, with STOL capacity to operate on short unpaved runways, while others need a plane for maritime surveillance and SAR. There are operators operating Dornier 228-212s in Argentina and has been doing so for more than 20 years.

From Buenos Aires, on 5 April the Dornier 228 the plane landed in Asunción del Paraguay. After being shown to official authorities, on the 6th the plane was moved from the Air Base to the civil sector of Silvio Pettirossi Airport, for an exhibition to the private sector and government officials. The plane is ideal for the kind of operations in Paraguay, where there are many short and unpaved runways and distances are short by air, but due to the rivers, the movement by land is always long.
The presentation included the presence of DINAC, the Paraguayan Civil Aviation DirectionAfter the visit at Paraguay, the plane departed to Brasilia, where on 7 April it was shown also to local authorities, representatives of the Armed and Security Forces and local companies. In Brazil the Dornier 228 is ideal for operations on the Amazon, where there are a lot of unpaved and short runways, where a STOL aircraft is requested, but where distances are long, needing a fast airplane with a long endurance.

On 9 April, the Dornier 228 took off to Natal, in the northeast of Brazil, where it was prepared for the Atlantic crossing, done on the 10th, landing at Praia, on Cape Verde Island. After stops at Canary Islands and Valencia (Spain), on the 13th the plane made the final leg of the tour to its factory.
Santiago Rivas