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19 April 2016

DSA 2016: Naval and Artillery Ammo + More Highlighted by EXPAL

EXPAL Systems develops and manufactures a complete range of high performance ammunition to meet the needs of armies on its current missions. EXPAL Systems has many years of experience covering the complete ammunition life cycle from its design and development, manufacturing, integration and maintenance and demilitarisation at the end of its life. 

EXPAL Systems high performance ammunition for artillery has proven a firing range of up to 40km for the 155mm howitzer and up to 20km for the 105mm. Regarding naval ammunition, EXPAL provides the family of 5/54 munitions in different versions as HE, illuminating and illuminating IR, among other calibers as 40mm and  76/62mm.

Others examples of solutions that EXPAL presents at DSA are its solution on indirect fire support, that includes EIMOS, 81mm mortar system integrated in a 4x4 light vehicle, TECHFIRE, a fire support information system for mortars, and SHEPHERD-MIL an autonomous aerial, silent, prey bird-shaped reconnaissance device,  or  its line of products and systems for combat engineers.