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19 April 2016

DSA 2016: Partnership is Key in Malaysia Says Airbus

At DSA 2016, Fabrice Rochereau, Head of Sales SE Asia & Pacific, Airbus Helicopters, told MT that the ASPAC market has a lot of potential but has slowed down, while business is still good in Indonesia and Thailand. "In this region, Airbus Helicopters has a significant marketshare, and we are working on strong ground, waiting for better days," he said.

On the fixed wing side, Johan Pelissier, Regional Sales Director, Airbus Defense & Space (DS), explained that the company is exploiting possibilities for maritime patrol with the C295 in the region. With Malaysia already flying one A400M, "partnership is key in Malaysia," he said.

On the radar side, Christophe Berloty, Regional Director, Airbus DS,  informed: "Airbus has sold SPEXER for maritime applications into a few countries in the region."

In December 2015, the company informed that a contract with Malaysia for five SPEXER 2000 Coastal radars with an unspecified value was signed, contributing to Malaysia’s integrated maritime surveillance system (IMSS) along the eastern Sabah coast. Completed in August 2012, the IMSS consists of eight coastal surveillance stations, a joint regional command centre and a data interface to Malaysia’s national command-and-control (C2) system.

Brevity further explained that EW systems have also been sold to the region, and optronics are a good seller, too. "The customers are quite happy and the region has good potential for the future," the industry executive concluded.