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19 April 2016

DSA 2016: Qioptiq Exploring Opportunities for the Future

Prior to Eurosatory 2016, Qioptiq is introducing its new KITE IN LINE image intensified weapon sight to the SE Asian market. KITE IN LINE is a clip on sight with excellent foresight accuracy, ideal for short to medium range surveillance and target engagement.

Qioptiq has recognised the recent shifting trend to the In Line configuration, which gives users the ability to retain his conventional optical day sight, and therefore retain the zero and other MMI settings that the User is familiar with. The KITE IN LINE sight is proving very popular with current KITE customers, who want to transition to the In Line configuration and re-use existing KIT components, and new customers who want a light weight, robust and high quality night vision capability for assault rifles and sharpshooter weapons. KITE In Line is a very compact optical design that can be fitted with a range of Image Intensifier Tubes, with the possibility to utilise customers tubes fitted to other older equipment, such as the Qioptiq KITE sight, which means that a customer can re-utilise existing tubes and therefore reduce acquisition cost of the in line capability. KITE In Line has been designed to be compatible with a wide range of optical day sights produced by the world’s top manufacturers, and is compatible with both Picatinny and NATO accessory rails.
Since its Launch in 2013, and building upon the success of the original KITE family, the KITE In Line is proving a popular sight with customers around the world.

The company is currently exploring opportunities for the future in the region, as capabilities are still developing in the Malaysian Army, having sold a number of weapon mounted night vision sights suitable for sniper rifles. Qioptiq is also looking at supplying to security forces and others, guaranteeing great performance.

Also marketed at DSA 2016 are Qioptiq's new HADES Medium Wave Infrared Continuous Zoom camera and new PanthIR Continuous Zoom Thermal camera.

HADES is the latest solution for challenging long range requirements. This robust solution combines the latest in detector technology with world class optics. Its rapid, continuous zoom function allows surveillance of vast areas, whilst also achieving impressive identification ranges. A ruggedised system designed for 16μm Focal Plane Arrays with active Athermalisation and continuous optical zoom x13.5 - featuring F/4 Optical Solution Sensitivity <25mK. PanthIR is a ruggedised HD ready, next generation of continuous zoom lens that is optimised for the latest generation of 17μm and 12μm uncooled focal plane arrays, including HD formats. Compatible with all commonly used sensor engines, with TAR or ITAR free options available. Optimised for 12μm Focal Plane Arrays, HD ready with Active Athermalisation and a x10 Continuous Optical Zoom. The other two cameras in the family are PumIR dual field of view thermal camera and its smaller version the CougIR.