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18 April 2016

DSA 2016: Rohde & Schwarz Presents New Naval Integrated Communications System

At the 15th Defence Services Asia (DSA), Rohde & Schwarz (R&S) showcases its comprehensive portfolio of integrated communications and radio reconnaissance solutions in hall 1, booth 1022.The electronics group introduced R&S NAVICS, a new, VoIP-based switching system for naval communications that offers innovative technology and a state-of-the-art, intuitive user interface. Another highlight was a demonstration of the new R&S ELINT solution for detecting, acquiring and analysing radar signals. The system was specifically developed to meet intelligence requirements in difficult signal scenarios.

The new R&S NAVICS VoIP-based switching system will serve as a core component to deliver future-ready voice and data communications for all classes of ships. (Photo: Rohde & Schwarz)

The integrated naval communications systems from Rohde & Schwarz offer an innovative design, user friendliness and great cost efficiency. The new R&S NAVICS VoIP-based switching system will serve as a core component to deliver future-ready voice and data communications for all classes of ships. The system interconnects the onboard voice terminals and all other subsystems for internal and external communications via a uniform IP network. An intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) provides a modern and convenient means of operating the technically complex system.
R&S’ ELINT system for detecting, acquiring and analysing radar signals was designed for easy operation and comprehensive functionality, with a focus on handling difficult scenarios such as those involving weak or LPI signals. The hardware and software were developed in parallel and tuned to each other to provide smooth operation, yielding a fully flexible and scalable system that can be used on a variety of platforms. A newly designed antenna system enables setups integrating acquisition, direction finding and communications antennas. The result is a compact, space-saving system that meets the challenges posed by modern signal scenarios, where overlaps between communications and radar intelligence applications are becoming increasingly common. The proven R&S COMINT/CESM solutions, which can be adapted to meet a broad range of requirements, round out the company’s radio reconnaissance portfolio. R&S radio reconnaissance systems are deployed worldwide in mobile and stationary units on land as well as on naval and airborne plaforms.
In Kuala Lumpur, R&S presents additional highlights from its extensive portfolio. The R&S SDTR software-defined tactical radio (SDTR) provides secure and reliable communications in tactical applications. Designed to meet the highest technological standards, the radio enables state-of-the-art command and control capabilities, operational flexibility and integrative communications across the various branches of Armed Forces. It additionally delivers broadband voice and data communications when used in combination with the R&S HDR waveform family. For secure aeronautical radiocomms, R&S showcases its innovative R&S VCS-4G voice communications system for ground-based air traffic control, as well as the proven R&S M3AR family of software defined radios for airborne platforms. The portfolio on display at DSA 2016 is rounded out with T&M solutions and will also demonstrate the competency of R&S Cybersecurity for IT and network security.