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19 April 2016

DSA 2016: Saab Ready to Offer Full Transfer of Technology Package

At DSA 2016, Thomas Linden, Vice President, Head of Saab Malaysia, explained that the region is of strategic importance to Saab, with the company already having systems and solutions in operations in Malaysia, amongst others.
The Malaysian Army is using CARL GUSTAV (“Everyone in the Malaysian Army has touched a CARL GUSTAV,” he said), and is in need for ammunition replenishment; the Royal Malaysian Navy has a reformation plan with opportunities in C2 and radar systems + RBS15 surface to surface missiles; the Royal Malaysian Air Force has self protection systems for Sukhois in operations, and the Maritime Enforcement Agency are using Saab’s systems.

Saab is ready to offer full transfer of technology packages to the country, while in the region, Thailand is looking to leasing six more GRIPENs, while already having a fleet of 12 GRIPENs, two ERIEYEs, radar stations, and C2 systems.

Saab sees the GRIPEN multirole fighter as the fighter of choice for Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines. In Malaysia, the company is proposing a performance based lease solution with local support (one local partner, Deftech, is already in place), with balanced MRO, and component-production opportunities.