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20 April 2016

DSA 2016: Saab Training as a Combat Multiplier

At DSA 2016, Saab informed that they are glueing their training expertise together via LVC expansion, as they have been doing in South Africa with BATTLETEK. Neil Patrick, Director Marketing & Sales Land Systems, Saab Asia, said that the BATTLETEK C2 Training Simulator has been delivered to the Malaysian Army Warfare Training Centre in 2012.

"We are fully committed to the ASPAC to support every evolving need of the customer," he said at the show. "We have made significant inroads in the region," meaning nearing to close the deal on live training GAMER Systems of company size to New Zealand, and starting 2nd deliveries for an undisclosed system to an undisclosed customer with an undisclosed Japanese Partner to Japan (1st deliveries were concluded in March).  Furthermore Saab is in talks with the Malaysian Army for tank simulators for the Army Wargaming Centre. Saab's Small Arms Virtual Indoor Trainer (SAVIT) has also been sold to an undisclosed customer.