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20 April 2016

DSA 2016: Uro VAMTAC ST5: A High Mobility Solution

An Uro VAMTAC ST5 4x4 vehicle fitted with Thales' RAPID RANGER and STARSTREAK missiles was displayed at Destini's booth at DSA 2016, which is the agent for Uro. During the show, the four missiles were removed for unknown reason. In addition to the STARSTREAK missiles, the system comprises ControlMaster 200 radar and weapon coordination systems, RAPID RANGER and RAPID ROVER mobile weapon systems and the Next Generation Lightweight Multiple Launcher, as well as associated communications.

Justo Sierra, Commercial Director and Vice President of Uro, explained that the company is going to deliver six vehicles as seen at the show to Malaysia, with 103 VAMTACs in service in the country. Furthermore, 20 vehicles with STARSTREAKs will equip the Indonesian Army.

"This {SE Asia} is one of the most active markets," Sierra told MT at DSA. "Including the Middle East and Africa, our market strategy is to provide customized vehicles at a very cost effective price."