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18 April 2016

DSA 2016: Vitrociset Presents Range of Services and Technologies

Vitrociset is taking part at DSA 2016. At this year's event questions relating to international security and the challenges associated with the management of natural disasters and the risks resulting from threats of terrorism or wars will be ever more crucial. Vitrociset's attendance at DSA is therefore - precisely for these reasons -  in Hall 4 - Booth 4022) offering for Modeling & Simulation, Command & Control, Cyber Security & Intelligence and Integrated Logistics: 

Cyber Intelligent Platform: a solution totally developed by Vitrociset to support those managing critical infrastructures for defending against the threat of cyber attacks.

The V-Eyes solution: integrated logistics management system. The system grew out of Vitrociset's experience in the infologistics sector and is highly flexible and can easily be configured to adapt to customers' requirements;

V-Brain: integrated system for the management of critical infrastructures and facility management. The main operating areas are: Energy and distribution systems, air conditioning systems, fire-prevention systems, video survelliance systems and RF emission monitoring systems.

For Modeling and Simulation: LVC-Gateway will be presented. This product makes the iteration and communication of different simulation systems possible in order to obtain a single integrated ambient.

Still on the subject of control, it will be possible to see the Mission Situational Awareness System: this is Vitrociset's modular solution for all Command and Control (C2) requirements. The system makes it possible to simultaneously display heterogeneous information to allow the execution of specific missions. The main application areas are: Test Range (Air, Land and Sea), Harbour Protection, Border Security and Air Defence.