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20 April 2016

DSA 2016: Weststar and Finmeccanica Helicopters Sign Teaming Agreement for AW159

Today at DSA 2016, Global Komited, a subsidiary of Weststar Defense Industries signed a teaming agreement with Finmeccanica Helicopter for the promotion, marketing, and distribution of the AgustaWestland AW159 naval helicopter to the Malaysian government.

The agreement was signed by Weststar Group's MD An Sri Dr. Syed Azman and FInmeccanica Helictoper's VP ASPAC Andrew G. Symonds, and sets out to fulfill the Royal Malaysian Navy's Anti-Submarine (ASW) requirements; as well as includes a plan for Glbal Komited to lead on the upgrade of current Super LYNX 300s in service with the navy.

British Defense Procurement Minister Philip Dunne explained that this was a new kind of contract to deliver cost effective solutions to the Malaysian government.

At DSA 2016, Weststar Defence Industries, The Weststar Group's defence and security arm, displays six of its military and security vehicles that consist of four light multi-role tactical vehicles, one armoured personnel carrier (APC), and one field ambulance.

"The stars of our show this year are our light multi-role tactical vehicles. Mobile and agile, our GK-M1 Special Operations Vehicle and GK-M1 Fitted For Radio 4x4, for example, are capable of operating across a wide range of demanding terrains," Tan Sri Dr Syed Azman Syed Ibrahim told MT.