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01 April 2016

FIDAE 2016: C-130J SUPER HERCULES multi-role aircarrier at show

Lockheed Martin is showcasing the enhanced version of its longseller C-130 HERCULES multi-role aircarrier at FIDAE. The C-130J SUPER HERCULES multi-role aircarrier at FIDAE. The C-130J, which is already operated by 15 countries, in comparison to its legacy model is equipped with stronger engines, not only providing it with an increased range, but also with increased full efficiency. Another advantage of the new engines: As the SUPER HERCULES uses to be one of the first aircraft at the front line, it must be able to be operated out of very short landing strips: in the case of the C130J now 2000ft are sufficient. The aircraft also is equipped with enhanced electronics, amongst others head-up displays for more effective decision making under difficult conditions. Other parameters according to Lockheed Martin didn’t change, for example the space inside the aircraft and its ability to carry a maximum cargo of 40,000 pounds.
The C-130J is designed for a large variety of missions; Lockheed Martin lists up at least 16, including combat delivery; personnel transport; intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR), and even close air support.

I always say to our customers: You buy a C-130J, you by an entire air force,” Ray J. Fajay, Vice President New Business Air Mobility & Maritime Missions at Lockheed Martin, said with some proud commented on the aircraft’s multi-role capacities. Since the first flight in 1954 by end of 2015 in total there have been sold more than 2500 units of the C-130 family, which are operated by 68 countries.
Alexander Kolberg

Picture shows a C-130J operated by the Californian Air Guard showcased at FIDAE. (Photo: Alexander Kolberg)