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28 April 2016

Quad-A 2016: Elbit Systems of America Showcases Advanced Solutions for Army Aircrew Readiness

US Army aircrews stand ready to fly tough missions in treacherous environments. Elbit Systems of America provides solutions ranging from helmet mounted displays to next generation communications amplifiers that allow those aircrews the ability to perform missions more effectively and safely.  Elbit Systems of America showcases advanced aviator solutions during the Army Aviation Association of America’s Annual Conference and Exposition, taking place in Atlanta, GA, 28-30 April 2016.

Army aircrews’ unique mission requirements stretch not only an aircraft’s performance, but each crew’s operational capability. From combat missions to humanitarian assistance, aviators must fly in demanding environmental conditions. Elbit Systems of America’s Degraded Visual Environment (DVE) solution provides readiness to pilots by using intuitive 3D conformal symbology. This symbology provides accurate navigational information for degraded environments in a clear, easy to understand manner, allowing pilots to respond quickly to surrounding conditions.

 The DVE solution uses a magnetic helmet tracker known as the Helmet Display Tracking System (HDTS). The HDTS provides critical rotorcraft cues during brownout operations and other extreme environmental situations, as well as the ability to slew weapons or optical payloads to the pilot’s line-of-sight. This unique technology improves crew coordination allowing the crew to focus on other tasks to improve mission effectiveness. (Photos: Elbit Systems)

Elbit Systems of America’s advanced cockpit solutions go beyond helmet requirements. With a commitment to providing innovative solutions that anticipate ever-increasing requirements, Elbit Systems of America’s mission processors support the demands of integrating future technologies and increased synthetic vision specifications. The open-systems architecture leverages commercial, off-the-shelf technology, resulting in high performance and scalable solutions that meet the critical needs of modern APACHE aviators. Elbit Systems of America’s mission processors enhance upgrades with emerging security and standardization requirements.

With over 20 years’ experience integrating advanced systems on U.S. Army rotorcraft, our DVE solution combined with our fielded HDTS is one advantage aviators have when flying in almost any environment,” Raanan Horowitz, President and CEO, Elbit Systems of America, stated. “Additionally, our new FireFly line of communications amplifiers provide next generation secured communication capabilities.”

The FireFly product line is a modular, lightweight, high-power amplifier with swappable and stackable modules allowing maximum mission flexibility for aviators, while lowering life cycle costs. Elbit Systems of America’s communications amplifiers increase aircrew capabilities and support software defined radios with higher bandwidth waveforms and enable voice and data communications at greater speeds and further distances. The new family of amplifiers are available in single and dual channel models that extend tactical communications from 30MHz up to 2GHz. When integrated with next-gen software-defined networking radios, FireFly amplifiers provide clearer signals and increased range.