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24 May 2016

ILA Berlin Airshow 2016 Displays Innovative Technology

ILA Berlin Airshow 2016, starting next week, 1-4 June, some 200 aeroplanes, helicopters, and UAS will be on show both on the ground and in the air. At Berlin ExpoCenter Airport, which covers 250,000 square metres, an outdoor area measuring 100,000 square metres will showcase civilian and military aircraft.

Insights into what goes on in various types of aircraft, meeting astronauts and pilots from a number of countries and the opportunity to operate the joystick of a flight simulator are just a few examples of the fascinating and informative entertainment that visitors to this event can enjoy.

As not all aircraft are being displayed throughout the show, the organisers advise visitors to obtain details of the daily programme of flying displays and individual aircraft, which are listed according to category here .

The ILA Mobile Guide 2016 provides a complete guide to the ILA Berlin Air Show and can be downloaded onto a smartphone from any App Store free of charge.

Highlights of aircraft displays at ILA 2016 include:

The <Airbus A400M (1-4 June) is a multi-purpose military transport aircraft, which measures 45m in length and can airlift 37t, including armoured vehicles, over distances of up to 8,700 kilometres.

The Airbus Group is breaking new ground and has developed an aircraft that can be manufactured almost entirely by 3D printing. Measuring around 4x4m, the T.H.O.R. (Testing High-Tech Objectives in Reality, at show 1-4 June) recently completed its maiden flight.

Antonov, a manufacturer from the Ukraine, is exhibiting its new twin-engined AN-178 transport aircraft 1-3 June, which can airlift 18t over a distance of 1,000km, alternatively 10t over 4,000 kilometres.

The German Armed Forces (Bundeswehr) is putting on an air display of one of Europe’s most advanced fighter jets: For the first time the Eurofighter TYPHOON (1-4 June) will be taking off from the ILA runway.

This eight-engined, heavy-duty USAF long-distance Boeing B-52 bomber is scheduled to perform a flyby on 4 June over the ILA display area.

The Black Cats, the UK Royal Navy’s helicopter display team established in 2001, will provide a further flying show highlight with two Leonardo-Finmeccanica Augusta Westland Wildcat HMA2s.

Europe is planning to put satellites into orbit from 2020 with the new ARIANE 6 launcher. Depending on the payload, this rocket measures between 52 and 61 metres in length. Easily visible from a distance, a 1:4 scale, 17m tall model of ARIANE 6 will stand beside the entrance to the ILA Space Pavilion.

On an outdoor display area covering more than 10,000sqm, the Bundeswehr will have the latest information about the armed forces, together with an extensive range of exhibits. They include Eurofighter TYPHOON and TORNADO aircraft, A-400M, A-310 MEDEVAC, A-319, TRANSALL C-160 transport aircraft, as well as the CH-53, NH-90, TIGER, EC-135, and Sea LYNX and Sea KING. Besides numerous technological exhibits and aircraft various unmanned reconnaissance systems operated by the army and other forces will also be on display.

Among the exhibits shown by foreign armed forces will be a Polish Air Force MiG-29 and Sukhoi Su-22 as well as a Czech Air Force Saab JAS-39 GRIPEN. The USAF will display a Boeing C-17 GLOBEMASTER III, a transport aircraft which US President Bill Clinton christened “The Spirit of Berlin.” Other displays include a Lockheed Martin C-130J transport aircraft and a Rockwell B1B Bomber. The USAF and Royal Air Force (RAF) will be showing a Boeing CH-47 CHINOOK and Boeing AH-64 APACHE helicopter respectively. The Mi 35 HIND, an export version of the heavy-duty attack helicopter made by Mil in Russia, will be exhibited by the Czech Republic.
The L410NG by the Czech manufacturer Let is a redesign of its lightweight, twin-engined, short-range transport aircraft.

The German Aerospace Centre (DLR) will be strongly represented with its research fleet, which besides an A310 Zero G also includes a Discus-2c. The nose-mounted antenna features a sensor with five holes for precise airflow angle measurement. An A320 ATRA, an Airbus BO 105 helicopter and a Textron Cessna 208B Grand CARAVAN will be on show throughout the ILA. The aircraft will demonstrate their research applications in the field of aerodynamics, in low-noise landings and remote reconnaissance missions.

ILA 2016 also highlights UAS on open-air grounds as well as with its own UAS displays in hall 3. A total of approx. 40 exhibitors from 12 countries will present trends and innovative applications for UAS at the show. Flight displays will include the following: MULTICOPTER, SONGBIRD 1400, D-AERO Zero and D-AERO One. The Bundeswehr will be represented with several reconnaissance UAVs. They include a four-rotor LUNA, a tactical unmanned aerial system (TUAS), and an ALADIN reconnaissance UAS. At ILA 2016, the USAF will exhibit an MQ-9 REAPER/PREDATOR, a UAV built by General Atomics. Airbus Defence & Space (DS) will be exhibiting the Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) HERON TP (Airbus DS is responsible for operating the systems and guarantees the operational readiness of HERON 1 in Afghanistan as agreed on the basis of an operator model), and the German manufacturer Reiner Stemme Utility Air Systems its unmanned single-engined Q01-100, a remote reconnaissance and surveillance aircraft.

Preliminary Flight Display Schedule 

Details of the ILA flying displays programme may vary depending on the weather, air traffic conditions in Schönefeld, or due to an altered schedule.

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

10:30: UAS displays
12:20: Bundeswehr demonstrations - A400M strategic air transport
12:30: Bundeswehr demonstrations - military evacuation
13:00: Opening programme of events. Highlights include Airbus A400M, Antonov-178, Let-410NG
14:30: Bundeswehr demonstrations - combined air-ground operation
16:15: MiG-29 from Poland
17:30: Bundeswehr demonstrations - Eurofighter TYPHOON
17:45: Bundeswehr demonstrations - emergency forest firefighting

Thursday, 2 June 2016

10:40: Bundeswehr flying parade featuring 19 aircraft
10:50: UAS and aircraft displays
12:15: Bundeswehr demonstrations - securing airspace
12:30: Highlights including Airbus A350, Antonov-178, Let-410NG
13:30: Bundeswehr demonstrations - emergency forest firefighting
16:00: Bundeswehr demonstrations - military evacuation
16:45: MiG-29 from Poland
17:15: Bundeswehr demonstrations - Eurofighter TYPHOON

Friday, 3 June 2016

10:30: UAS displays
11:00: Bundeswehr demonstrations - securing airspace
11:20: Bundeswehr demonstrations - emergency forest firefighting
11:40: Bundeswehr demonstrations – combined air-ground operation
13:00: Highlights including Airbus A350, Antonov-178, Let-410NG
15:00: Bundeswehr demonstrations - Eurofighter TYPHOON
15:20: Bundeswehr demonstrations - military evacuation
15:50: Bundeswehr demonstrations - combined air operation
16:10: Bundeswehr demonstrations - flying parade featuring 19 aircraft
16:30: MiG-29 from Poland
17:30: Patrouille Suisse national aerobatics team
19:30: Bundeswehr demonstrations - free fall display with flag

Saturday, 4 June 2016 is public day from 10:00-18:00h with various demonstrations.