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18 May 2016

ITEC 2016: INSYEN Innovating Complex Demands for Training Systems

ITEC 2016 features a number of new exhibitors in the London ExCeL venue this week. Bavaria-based INSYEN is among them – a company better known for its engineering and design expertise than neatly packaged training solutions – and Products & Software Services Manager Stuart Perryman explains why.

Our origins are in the space engineering services industry and that’s still our primary market. But we recognised some time ago that the space market is volatile and it made sense to seek additional markets in which we could leverage our core expertise,” he told MT in London.

The company had already built simulation solutions for the Columbus module, so it was not too long a journey to build them for others when the opportunity arose. When L-3 Wescam required remote control and simulation solutions for its range of electro-optical sensor turrets, INSYEN was able to provide a simple, graceful and rapid solution based on its core capabilities in detailed systems analysis, engineering and problem-solving. “We’ve built about 30-35 systems over the last couple of years – both simulators and emulators, with the latter having greater functionality than the former,” said Perryman. “Where we think we can provide value is in the simulation of complex mission systems – our space heritage provides us with strong capabilities we can exploit for this type of application.”

Analysis, processing, finding solutions – these are the characteristics that make this 60 person company confident that it has an addressable market in the training and simulation world. And as the market continues to evolve and to develop an increasingly insatiable appetite for organisations – large and small – that can innovate and adapt to the increasingly stringent demands of training for complex mission systems, then companies like INSYEN will undoubtedly receive a sympathetic ear and a warm welcome.

Tim Mahon, ITEC