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24 May 2016

Plasan Introduces Latest Model of SandCat 4x4 Armoured Vehicle at Eurosatory 2016

Plasan Introduces Latest Model of SandCat 4x4 Armoured Vehicle at Eurosatory 2016
At Eurosatory, Plasan demonstrates new survivability and armoured vehicle solutions via latest technologies and capabilities on the company’s two booths #B300 in hall 6 and Booth #E160 in the outdoor area.

On Plasan's outdoor booth #E160, the latest model of the SandCat  multi mission 4x4 armoured vehicle will be featured, offering flexibility and robustness needed for every defence and security mission.

As battlefields and home land security (HLS) situations today pose more challenges, SandCat, Plasan’s family of 4x4 armoured vehicles, addresses these challenges for diverse operational needs and missions, as it is designed to carry a spectrum of different payloads, making it fully operational in a multitude of today’s most challenging scenarios, threats or other rapidly evolving situations such as illegal border crossing, terrorism and organised crime, public disorder, safety incidents, and convoy protection, by enabling fast deployment of forces and surveillance systems.

With over 500 vehicles deployed in over 15 countries on five continents (to name a few: SandCat was selected by the Polish Military Police special unit in 2015; the Colombian Ministries of Defence and Transportation, the Colombian Army and National Police are all using SandCat light protected multi-role vehicles, which were designed to protect roads and infrastructure critical points of the country; and the SandCat is is use with the Mexican MoD), the SandCat's advanced lightweight composite armour provides up to STANAG Level 3 protection without adding to the vehicle’s GVW or compromising its outstanding performance (SandCat's innovative armour comprises advanced ceramics with steel layers backed by a composite liner to deliver a lightweight protection solution).

Driven by a powerful and highly energy-efficient V8 6.7L turbo diesel engine mounted on a modified Ford F-550 chassis, the SandCat’s acceleration, speed and maneuverability enable it to get in and out of tight situations fast, even when it is carrying up to 12 fully equipped soldiers. A true all-terrain vehicle delivering outstanding on and off-road performance, at Eurosatory the vehicle will be equipped with: GPK, Observation system, front and rear thermal cameras, commander panel, and two operation stations allowing controlling of vehicle systems and mission management.

At Eurosatory, Pasan will demonstrate new key products and technology demonstrations against ballistic threats, blast events and RPGs, more on which will be released later. Watch this space.