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25 May 2016

SOFIC 2016: Catoma Premiers BURROW SOF Tent

The BURROW family of SOF tents from manufacturer CATOMA is growing. For the first time CATOMA is showing its newest member BADGER, an ultralight solo tent that weighs less than three pounds (1.33 kg) and sets up in seconds (self pop-up mechanism). It is essentially a double-wall, single-wall hybrid, incorporating the best of both worlds. It offers the ventilation of a double wall with the light weight of a single wall. The overall dimensions are the same as the trusted and proven IBNS bed net that MMI and CATOMA are known for throughout the military community and still offers the ability to be used on a cot or in the field. Made of military spec 1.9 oz. 70D Ripstop Nylon, this is a tough, lightweight single man shelter. Since they pack so small they are perfect for "bug out" or disaster bags.

The tent comes in Coyote Brown or Multicam as colours and two versions (GSA Compliant & Berry Compliant), the material is flame Retardant (CPAI-84) and Permethrin Insect Protection is embedded. The pole material is of fibreglass in body with an aluminium ridge pole. The sides and the front can be opened to observe and deploy weapon effects.

You need a little more space for your gear, take the WOLVERINE with a weight of 2.0 kg. The entry side door opens wide to allow easy entry, and the storage side doors offers a wider vestibule for storing a full size backpack with additional room leftover. This tent is the standard tent of the US Marine Corps.