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23 May 2016

SOFIC 2016: Cubic Demonstrates Wide Range of Solutions to Fulfill USSOCOM Requirement

Cubic Global Defense (CGD), a business unit of Cubic, showcases advanced training from NEK Services in addition to comprehensive Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) solutions for current and futureUS  Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) requirements at Cubic' Skyway Meeting Room, Embassy Suites, across from the Tampa Convention Center for full viewing of all capabilities; and Cubic subsidiaries’ GATR (#1235) and DTECH Labs (#1524) in the main convention centre.

Cubic highlights NEK's capabilities, which offer highly specialised training services as well as special and low-vis communications and training to a broad customer base, including the US and partner nations’ defence, security and Special Operations Forces (SOF). Cubic also showcases its end-to-end C4ISR capabilities including “network on-the-move,” real-time Full Motion Video (FMV) management, Satellite Communications (SATCOM), and Cross-Domain (XD) solutions. Enhanced training solutions for SOF operators such as the Social Media Replication Tool and Virtual Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (V-ISR) are also featured at the show. In addition, industry partners Information Assurance Specialists, Echo Analytics Group, and Cockleshell are be onsite to demonstrate how their capabilities integrate with Cubic’s comprehensive solutions.

SOF operators face threats in an ever-changing environment and need specialized training for increased mission readiness,” Bill Toti, President of Cubic Global Defense, said. “Cubic is focused on delivering customers training and communications products that offer interoperability, while addressing the present and future challenges faced not only by U.S SOCOM but also the global SOF network.”

Cubic demonstrates the following training, technologies and C4ISR solutions during SOFIC:

  • Specialised SOF training and communications: NEK offers advanced special operations skills in addition to exercise design and support for defence and security institutions and units. Non-standard communications training and technology integration capabilities will also be featured.
  • Real-Time FMV and networking solutions: TeraLogics’ cloud-based Unified Video streaming software pairs real-time FMV and sensor metadata with geospatial imagery to create insight and generate actionable intelligence. DTECH Labs, which designs, manufactures and integrates diverse networking solutions, will host TeraLogics’ Unified Video through their stackable and secure Mobile Modular Micro-Secure Enclave (M3-SE) systems.
  • SATCOM terminals: GATR’s ultra-portable antenna technology enables comparable performance to rigid deployable antennas of similar size, but with up to 85% reduction in the logistical size and weight, giving an operational and transportability advantage to both government and commercial industries.
  • XD solutions: Cubic’s cross-domain transfer appliances include a full range of accredited and deployed solutions. These appliances address the critical need to transfer all classification levels of data, insuring fast, secure, reliable and cost-efficient cross-domain data management.
  • V-ISR: Intific’s virtual ISR capabilities are developed with the intention to train analysts for potential real-world missions, unfamiliar scenarios and complex integrated multi-discipline events.
  • Social Media Replication Toolkit: Intific’s visualisation tool replicates the chaos, tempo and dynamic environment and landscape of the social media domain to enable training in a safe, secure and closed network.