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25 May 2016

SOFIC 2016: MANTAS for Maritime ISR

MARTAC Maritime Tactical Systems presents a man-portable tactical autonomous System (MANTAS) for unmanned maritime surveillance. The products shown at SOFIC are pre-series production, the system will be available from November on. There are no export restrictions, so they can be sold worldwide.

The entire system is designed to reduce manpower, leave a small footprint and be an easy set-up. Multiple MANTAS systems can be deployed at the same time, they operate on a dedicated, private stand-alone 4G LTE communication network. The vessels can operate autonomously, semi-autonomously or controlled by smartphone, tablet or a laptop.

So far there are three versions available, but the system is free scalable from 3’ to 50’ length. At SOFIC all three (MANTAS T3/T6 and T8) versions are shown. The biggest T8 has a length of 2.5 m with a weight of 74 kg and a payload of 27 kg. The system offers a speed up to 60+ knots, cruise speed is 20-25 knots, the system can be used up to sea state 9. The endurance at cruise state is up to three hours with a range of 100+ km. The time can be expanded if the mission is more stationary, like a stationary sniffing in one or more preplanned areas to control. The battery can be changes in under two minutes. MARTAC says training to steer the systems need no more than 10 seconds, well that was proved at SOFIC.