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25 May 2016

SOFIC 2016: Next Generation of LTE Deployable Communications Systems

Tecore Networks is showcasing its latest LYNX-D system, which encompasses all 4G LTE network components including EPC, HSS, MME and eNodeB, provides a rapidly deployable, high speed, 4G LTE-Advanced communications network to support Defense, Public Safety, and Security Force Operations. A fully integrated, self-contained, LTE Network-In-a-Box, the LYNX-D is an all-IP solution delivering a compact, adaptable, and cost effective end-to-end 4G LTE-A network.

In line with the industry evolution to LTE-A and LTE-U, the LYNX- D provides the requisite spectrum flexibility allowing configuration of the operating band, aggregation set, and parameters to match the requirements of the deployed location. The LYNX-D can change its operational configuration from site-to-site based on the available spectrum (licensed or not) while continuing to offer a consistent 4G LTE service to the users.

Providing a complete LTE network in a package no larger than a shoe box, the LYNX-D addresses the needs for commercial and private networks to tactically deploy service and coverage as their operations dictate.

Tecore is ideally suited to support the mission sets of our nation’s Special Operations Forces as our systems enable the deployment of a cost-effective, size optimal, adaptable platform anywhere in the world, including the most densely populated to the most remote and rugged locations,” Matthew McCrann, Tecore's Director of Government Programs, told MT at SOLIC. “While the requirements of any network deployment are distinct from one to the next, all users face the same basic challenges in providing reliable communications in non-permissive environments – our extensive experience in deploying networks in these types of areas make us the ideal solution provider for these customers.”

Additionally, the LYNX-D operates in a local Virtualized Machine (VM) environment allowing the incorporation of third party applications and services onto the same platform. By leveraging the power of Tecore’s Mobility Virtualized Platform (MVP) and the next generation software defined network capability, operators can locally incorporate custom application suites and security enclaves that match the requirements of the deployment.

The flexible operation of the LYNX-D allows for the incorporation of the local system into a larger network infrastructure making the local service an extension of the network,” Jay Salkini, Tecore’s Founder and Head of Product Innovations, informed further.