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26 May 2016

SOFIC 2016: Protection against drones

Drones have been identified as a threat that may become as ubiquitous as IEDs in a recent report from the Center for New American Security. The report called “Uncertain Ground: Emerging Challenges in Land Warfare,” written by former Army Ranger Paul Scharre, says the drone proliferation could create a new, low-level realm where domination of the skies will be a must.

At Battelle’s booth (#2128) an anti-Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) device called DroneDefende is on display, it just zaps drones out of the sky.

The DroneDefender and other Battelle technologies that can be seen at SOFIC:
DroneDefender is a man-portable, accurate and easy-to-use system to provide critical security protection against small UAS devices. The Battelle DroneDefender uses radio control frequency disruption to safely stop drones in the air before they can pose a threat to military or civilian safety. It is an inexpensive, lightweight point-and-shoot system with a demonstrated range of 400 meters. Click here to see a simulation of it in action. The technology is restricted to use by federal authorities under a strict permitting process, but sales are taking off with nearly 100 units sold to the U.S. Department of Defense and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.
Non-Standard Commercial Vehicle (NSCV) is a customized armored specialized vehicle Battelle has been supplying to SOCOM for several years. On display will be the Land Cruiser 79 Series demonstrator vehicle which has been updated with new features that improve protection, performance and durability.
HeatCoat is an in-flight aircraft ice protection system based on resistive heating coating. It uses a high-conductivity, carbon nanotube heating coating that conforms to the existing skink of the aircraft and uses intelligent sensors and controls to reduce ice accumulation. Its small size, weight and power envelope are unmatched in the industry and mean more mission payload, range and persistence. It has demonstrated a Technology Readiness Level 6.

HorizonVue M360 Video System uses one of Battelle’s 360-degree cameras and an interactive viewing software system that provides never-before available situational awareness allowing undersea operators to continuously monitor complex operating environments.  The HorizonVue M360 single camera system, which is depth-rated to 4,500 meters, allows operators to capture the same view that would normally require six to nine regular cameras. It also gives the user a virtual pan and tilt capability involving no moving parts, with real-time multicasting and post-event playback capabilities.

SeeTrack software technology from SeeByte, a Battelle company, provides clients in the maritime sector with the most advanced software solutions to enhance the capabilities of their underwater sensors, vehicles and systems. It’s the leading technology used by Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) and Clearance Divers around the world to achieve success in managing off-board assets during dangerous and demanding missions.