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25 May 2016

SOFIC 2016: Tactical Ladder Premier

ATLAS DEVICES is showing their all new Atlas Tactical Ladder (ATL), a high strength aluminum collapsible bridging, ladder, litter system ideal for jump, maritime, and urban lean-to and hook and climb tactical access mission requirements. Two ATL can be joined to reach heights of 15-18ft. The system has a weight of under 4.5 kg.

Built on a core Atlas Devices ladder technology backbone, the ATL system is a true multi-mission system. It combines the packable, height-conformable strength and tailor-ability of a ladder and bridge with the speed, efficiency, and security of a vertical/horizontal hoist-able patient litter. The integrated handle designs enable effective patient manipulation and longer duration carries.

The carrying system (MOLLE SYSTEM INTEGRATED GEAR (MSIG) PACK) of the ladder can also be used to fix the wounded soldier when used as a stretcher.