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24 May 2016

SOFIC 2016: Winning the Golden Hour

Pelican BioThermal and strategic partner Tribalco are presenting their award-winning “Golden Hour” Technology at SOFIC. Pelican BioThermal, is a global leader providing a broad range of temperature-controlled packaging solutions serving the life sciences industry, and strategic partner Tribalco, now offer a solution for military personnel looking to transport life-saving materials further on the battlefield: the Golden Hour Medic.

The Golden Hour Medic hasn’t formally launched yet. It’s a product that has been in the works for about a year, and was developed for a customer need, but has wider application to other customers.
It is built from the same technology used in their award-winning Golden Hour Mobile container, but the new and smaller-scale product can be carried on a person, allowing combat medics and other military medical personnel to transport blood products to locations vehicles may not be able to reach - while still keeping the critical temperature.

Pelican BioThermal and Tribalco set out to win the golden hour.

Pelican BioThermal’s Golden Hour Mobile container was developed, shortly after 9/11, to protect military troops’ lives in the battlefield in the harshest of environments and climates. In 2004 this container was the winner of the ‘Army’s Greatest Invention Award’. Today, Pelican BioThermal’s packaging solutions provide the most reliable, longest temperature control duration on the market — including 96, 120 or even 144 hours or more of thermal protection. The Golden Hour Medic offers the same thermal protection on a smaller and lighter scale.

The Golden Hour Mobile container technology on a smaller scale allows troops to take life-saving materials far distances from home base, while still successfully keeping blood at the critical temperature,” Pelican BioThermal Vice President of Worldwide Sales, Kevin Lawler, told MT. “Temperature-controlled packaging, while it’s our focus at Pelican BioThermal, is just one piece of a large puzzle, and that’s why the team at Tribalco is a great fit for us as strategic partners. They helped us define requirements for what’s really needed in the field, involving military field personnel for testing and design feedback. This partnership allows us to deliver a better solution to combat medics on the front lines.

As a global provider of mission-critical information technology, integrated telecommunications, and survival system solutions, Tribalco provides mission-critical information technology, integrated telecommunications, and soldier survival solutions to defense, civilian government, and commercial customers around the world. As strategic partners, Pelican BioThermal and Tribalco attend military trade shows together to showcase current products and determine innovative enhancements to improve Golden Hour containers for their customers.

The feedback we receive from the decision makers in the special operations medicine field is invaluable,” Tribalco Director of Operations, Jeremy Catrone, informed. “Attending shows like SOFIC provide the opportunity to get feedback from medical advisors and better define operational needs. We are then able to collaborate with Pelican BioThermal to develop specific products focused on one goal; saving the lives of our troops.”