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03 May 2016

Xponential 2016: 3W International Introduces Complete Propulsion System

German engine manufacturer 3W International is introducing its design for complete propulsion systems for the first time at Xponential by AUVSI in hall 1, booth 567.

"The market is demanding complete engine systems and individual solutions that nonetheless permit a high degree of flexibility," Karsten Schudt, Managing Director of 3W International, said when asked about the results of the latest customer meetings. "That means customers are increasingly looking for engines with all of the auxiliary systems such as generators, starters, air-duct systems, engine suspensions, and silencer systems."

3W International exhibits a complete propulsion system for illustrative purposes at the exhibit stand.

"We can deliver our engines to our customers ready for use. That means the engines are completely equipped and delivered with ECU, silencer, starter, generator, engine mount, and air-duct systems. We can also deliver the propeller if the customer so desires. The propulsion systems leave our factory in Hesse tested and are therefore 'ready to use. The customer himself basically has to complete only three tasks: unpack, install, and take wing," Schudt explained. "So we have got to work very closely together with our customers. This means that we must be involved in UAV development early in the project phase. Because even if the customer decides in favour of a standard flight body, the application's take-off weight and the flight performance depend upon the UAV's application and performance targets. Engines featuring various performance capabilities, which are installed differently due to their weight and side, are therefore in part necessary with the same flight body. 'So we've got to be involved early on in the project, because the entire propulsion system is tailored to the flight body and the customer's wishes."