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03 May 2016

Xponential 2016: AIM's µCAM-640 Thermal Sights for Small UAVs

AIM's µCAM-640 thermal sight for small UAVs was combat proven in Kosovo and in Afghanistan with German LUNA and ALADIN reconnaissance UAVs. The sight has a ruggedized design, is of low weight, and gives good orientation in terrain even under severe weather conditions by high thermal sensitivy. It also features short exposure times for sharp images from unstabilized platforms; a digital and analog interface, and the company offers subsequent updates with customer specific image processing software.

The µCAM-640 compromises cooled MCT IR-technology, MWIR; a double field of view (FOV): NFOV 6.1x4.9° / WFOV 16x12°; an identification range (Tank target, STANAG 4347, TRM3, atm ext coeff 0.2/km) of NFOV >1,300m / WFOV >560m, with a recognition range (see above) NFOV >2,500m / WFOV >1,000m, and weighs less than 2.2 kilogrammes.


The µCAM-640 also comes with uncooled Microbolometer IR-technology, LWIR, which is then called: µCAM-640 uncooled and compromises an FOV of  45x34°, with an ID range (see above) of >200m, and a recognition range (see above) >400m, at less than 200 grammes.

µCAM-640 uncooled

Basis for the outstanding performance and reliability of the infrared (IR) components and thermal sights of AIM is the experience of 30 years in development, production and international sales of IRdetectors and Stirling coolers. Since its foundation AIM has produced more than 30,000 detectors and Stirling coolers for Forward Looking IR (FLIR) systems and more than 45,000 IR detectors for seeker head applications. AIM's product portfolio consists of:
  • Cooled IR detectors based on HgCdTe (MCT) and superlattice layers as Integrated Detector Cooler Assemblies (IDCA) including control electronics. Dewar-, integration and cooling technologies modified for thermal imaging applications in land-, sea and air carriers and missiles
  • Thermal devices on the basis of uncooled IR detectors
  • Thermal sights for UAVs on the basis of cooled and uncooled IR detectors
  • Thermal targeting sights for small arms with long range
  • Linear/Rotary Stirling Coolers with integrated regulation electronics.