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03 May 2016

Xponential 2016: Harris Increases UAS Safety

On booth #2431, Harris introduces, according to the company, the most comprehensive solution to increase the safety of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) flying at low altitudes in the US. 

Harris’ ADS-B Xtend service provides critical surveillance information to help UAS operators and airspace managers to increase safety of their operations by providing them with a real-time view of other aircraft flying at low altitudes under 500 feet.

The system supplements the FAA’s existing ADS-B network – which provides precise and reliable satellite-based surveillance for the nation’s air traffic control system. The solution features a networked, dual-band receiver and relay system that can be attached to existing structures or to mobile vehicles for roaming coverage.

ADS-B Xtend expands the benefits of the company’s existing UAS situational awareness tool, Symphony RangeVue, which provides data for higher altitude flight traffic.  Symphony RangeVue puts real-time FAA aircraft tracking data, flexible background maps and weather information in the hands of UAS operators through a web-hosted platform so they can make better informed decisions.

Data from networks of ADS-B Xtend relays is fused with all FAA system derived real-time aircraft surveillance data from more than 650 ADS-B ground stations with more than 425 FAA radar systems. 

Strategically deploying ADS-B Xtend receivers will close gaps in ADS-B coverage, significantly increasing the quality and quantity of data available UAS operators,” said Ed Sayadian, president, Harris Mission Networks. “This will increase surveillance data available to UAS operators and enhance safety and efficiency.  ADS-B Xtend™ is yet another step in our commitment to develop the most comprehensive surveillance airspace data set available.”