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04 May 2016

Xponential 2016: Sensonor Enables Solutions When Combination of Size, Performance and Robustness Matter

Inertial navigation systems are often mandatory for Remote Operated Vehicles (ROV) and underwater robots. Compared to hydro acoustic position reference systems they offer longer operation distance, possess better autonomous ability (auto heading) and offer higher potential accuracy. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) also rely on the use of inertial navigation and guidance systems often in combination with GPS reference. Applications include surveying for hot spots in fire-prone areas and national and international (land and sea) border and fence patrol.

When performance permits, precision MEMS gyro solutions will be the enabling and preferred choice due to superior capability in respect to robustness, reliability, size/weight, power and cost; compared to solutions based on RLG or FOG technologies. Inertial navigation systems, often coupled with GPS, provide accurate, jam-resistant guidance for a range of systems. Gyros and IMUs based on MEMS technology are small, light and affordable solutions for seeker, antenna and gun/turret stabilisation.

Sensonor's (exhibiting at booth #1934) SAR100 and SAR150 are fully calibrated and compensated digital gyro sensors with SPI interface housed in a rigid custom ceramic LCC-package to accommodate for either horizontal or vertical mounting. Functions like temperature sensor and diagnostics are included. Digital low-pass filter is included. SAR100 and SAR150 are easily integrated into whatever microcontroller based environment without the need of additional components. In addition to features of SAR100, SAR150 takes it to the next level for bias and scale factor stability. Both SAR100 and SAR150 are highly rugged, have low power consumption and offer the best value of any gyro product in their classes of performance.

Earlier this year, LiDAR USA integrated  the NovAtel STIM300 INS into ScanLook Snoopy. Late in 2013 NovAtel released the STIM300 IMU from Sensonor as part of their INS line of positioning products. After receiving a system in January 2014 the STIM300 was added to the ScanLook Snoopy mobile mapping system. In just over an hour the system was running and collecting data leading to accurate and economical LiDAR point cloud data. The STIM300 appears to be delivering as promised with nearly FOG-like results. LiDAR USA is pleased to continue to offer the latest NovAtel INS technology with its ScanLook products allowing users a variety of choices in performance, size, weight, and price.