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03 May 2016

Xponential 2016: Troll Systems Extending the Range and Through-Put of Any UAV

Troll Systems' mobile tracking antennas, the A60 Diversity System, MT and ST50 Spectrum Tracking System antennas, incorporate Troll's air-to-ground tracking methods in vehicle and tri-pod mounted form-factors. These systems automatically locate and lock on to transmission signals under highly mobile conditions in order to provide stable, long-range video data links. Depending on the model, Troll's antenna tracking capabilities enable the company's antennas to maintain the highest quality air-to-ground signal reception by continuously updating their point-to-position even when both platforms are moving rapidly according to the company

Multi-Band High-Gain Tracking Antenna and Mobile Data Terminal (Graphic: Troll Systems)

Extending the range and reliability of video and data from unmanned aircraft or ground vehicles, and designed to provide “hands off” operation while consistently maintaining maximum reception range and reliability, Troll’s auto-tracking, high-gain systems extend capability while eliminating integration and operational complexity.

The MT-300 incorporates an internal INS for automatic calibration. In the case of bidirectional systems, MT series antennas auto-lock to steerable antennas on the aircraft and continually update position, attitude and heading data provided by Troll's SkyLink Mini II on the aircraft. This data is used to automatically steer airborne and ground antennas toward one another to meet long-range tactical requirements, provide automatic operation and eliminate the effects of jamming or interference.