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04 May 2016

Xponential 2016: UMS SKELDAR Multiple Platforms for Multiple Operations

At Xponential, on booth #2627, UMS SKELDAR features a full size ITAR-free V-200 SKELDAR vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). Carl Foucard, Business Development Director, briefed MT on the applications of the V-200 SKELDAR military and civilian rotary UAV. "UMS SKELDAR is widely acknowledged as a world leader in the design and manufacture of both VTOL and fixed wing high-endurance UAVs, and importantly has designed all avionics in-house with full IP protection," he said.

Carl Foucard focused on SRI and SAR strategies and the deployment options for the product portfolio, with a focus on UMS SKELDAR, "a uniquely designed UAV, purpose-made for ship born operations; and with land options," as he put it, while informing that UMS SKELDAR is currently under consideration for a Royal Australian Navy tender, with Saab as the Prime, and in discussioms with the German Navy. Furthermore, the company is very close to a multiple mixed platform contract in SE Asia.

What sets UMS Skeldar apart from its compeditors is that it uses Hirth's heavy fuel engine, and has already trialed it as such.

According to Foucard, as Hirth is working on improvements, "we are looking to renew our system as well."