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13 June 2016

Eurosatory 2016: ABIMDE Features 17 Brazilian Companies

The Brazilian Defense and Security Industry Association (ABIMDE) emphasises its mission of pushing the development and sales of Brazilian products, and once more takes part at Eurosatory.

In partnership with the Brazilian Trade and Investment Agency (Apex-Brasil) and with the support of the Ministry of Defense, ABIMDE is bringing to the event a record number of Brazilian companies. Altogether, 17 associated companies will display new releases: weaponry, ammunition, vehicles, technologies for communication and built-in systems, system integration, and simulation platforms, among others.

The presence of Brazilian companies in prestigious international events such as the Eurosatory contributes to the expansion of exports. As an example, the 60 companies integrating the ABIMDE-APEX Sectorial Project—which facilitates the display of BID products and services abroad—have exported altogether roughly U$4 billion in 2014, amounting to 90% of the Brazilian exports for Defense and Security. From that sum, $2.4 billion refer to high-tech products. Only in 2016, ABIMDE associates have already been to the FIDAE fair in Chile and to DAS in Malaysia, establishing negotiations that should result in important business contracts.

The Brazilian companies that will be at the event are the following: Altave, Ares, Atech, Avibras, BCA, Cecil, Companhia Brasileira de Cartuchos (CBC), Condor, Forjas Taurus, Fulstanding, Fundação Ezute, Indios Pirotecnia, Megatech, M&K, Oto Melara do Brasil, Protecta, and RF COM.