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13 June 2016

Eurosatory 2016: ATLAS Shows New Solution for Securely Transmitting Audio and Video

ATLAS Elektronik Gmbh provided preliminary information on a new solution for securely transmitting audio and video signals obtained from boarding teams. The prototype system of its Mission Video Scout shown at the stand of ATLAS Elektronik's partner VTQ Videotronik GmbH will help operations staff an-board a mothership "monitor the mission of the boarding teams" (by video monitoring) and "control their actions directly by providing tactical and operational instructions." MT was told that there is a growing demand for solutions of this kind on a worldwide scale. The new solution is claimed to enable encrypted video transfer that is facilitated by Satellite Communications (SATCOM). According to ATLAS Elektronik, each member of a boarding team will be fitted with a personal kit consisting of a transceiver, dual helmet camera unit (TV plus IR), audio set, and battery pack. The latter offers an operation time up to four hours, the company said. STN