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14 June 2016

Eurosatory 2016: CIO Unveils CENTAURO II

Today, the Iveco–Oto Melara Consortium (CIO) will present at Eurosatory its newly developed CENTAURO II, the latest evolution of the CENTAURO Family.

CIO presents the CENTAURO II at Eurosatory 2016. 

The CENTAURO, according to the company, was the first 8x8 wheeled antitank vehicle in the world with a high-pressure gun. The CENTAURO II represents the logical evolution, being armed with a third generation 120/145mm gun, with integrated low-recoil muzzle brake and semi-automatic loading system. The gun provides a fire power equivalent to that of most modern main battle tanks, and is capable of firing all latest generation 120mm, NATO APSFSDS and multi-role MP munitions.

To ensure unequalled mobility a new-generation engine, upgraded transmission, braking system and control electronics have been adopted. While maintaining the H-drive architecture, the CENTAURO family hallmark, the chassis was rearranged to further improve protection against mines and IEDs, state-of-the-art add-on ballistic packages fitted to the hull ensuring high level protection against kinetic energy and hollow charge projectiles. The same applies to the turret, which also follows the add-on armour kit concept. Ammunition stored in the hull and in the turret are hosted in compartments separated from the crew section by explosion-proof doors, pre-carved panels and dedicated anti-explosion systems ensuring further crew safety. The CENTAURO II turret is fitted with latest generation optronics for the commander and gunner and with a suite of communications and command and control systems ensuring maximum situational awareness. The turret can be fitted with a HITROLE Light RCWS, that increases flexibility in other-than-war scenarios while ensuring maximum crew protection.