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10 June 2016

Eurosatory 2016: Excelitas and Qioptiq Provide Full Suite of Sensing, Detection and Surveillance

At Eurosatory 2016, Excelitas and Qioptiq provide a full suite of sensing, detection and surveillance capability for military and security environments.

Detection sensors, laser diodes, photodiodes and munitions technologies include:
  • Ignition Safety Device - fully immune Ignition Safety Devices (ISD), Rocket Motor Initiators (RMI) and Through Bulkhead Initiators (TBI) - immune to fire, ESD, shocks, bullet impact, etc.
  • Laser Diode for Eye Safe Laser Range Finder - eye safe laser Range Finder for Defence applications in the 1550nm band. New generation of Pulsed laser Diode Emitters providing more than 90W peak optical power with drive current as low as 40A.
  • Avalanche Photodiodes for LRF & LIDAR - APD based receivers for laser Range Finder and LIDAR applications. Integrated hybrid amplifier with improved damage level.
  • Sensors for Laser warning - HARLID, a unique sensor solution for Laser Warning Systems with 1 degree angular resolution.  The HARLID production has been automatized for better reliability.
  • Quadrant Photodiode for Semi-Active Laser Seeker - YAG series of quadrant sensors for SAL offering superior sensitivity at the laser guidance wavelength of 1064nm, as well as fast rise times providing cost effective reliability.

Thermal continuous zoom cameras to service the ground vehicle, border surveillance and anti-aircraft markets are also being showcased:
  • JaguIR - is the latest ruggedised solution for challenging long range requirements with a rapid, continuous zoom function allowing surveillance of vast areas. 
  • PanthIR - is a 10:1 continuous zoom camera for mast mounted surveillance and remote weapon station applications. 
  • CougIR is a 6:1 continuous zoom camera for targeting and short range surveillance. 
  • PumIR is the next generation of dual field of view zoom lens assemblies, compatible with the latest generation of 17μm and 12μm uncooled focal plane arrays. Designed for use with all commonly used sensor engines.
  • Ocelot – The Ocelot visible camera offering, enhances the entire thermal suite by providing a wider spectral capability.

Surveillance and Target Acquisition Domes and Modules include airborne, Vehicle, Man Portable and Naval applications operating in all wavebands from UV to LWIR & multi-spectral. Applications include: Missile Warners, Infrared Search and Track, Multi-mode Seeker Heads, Infrared Counter-Measures, Weapon Stations, Drivers Vision Enhancement, Border Surveillance, Weapon sights and Goggles.

Weapon Sights featured at the show are:
  • SAKER - Fused Weapon Sight - SAKER is a high performance in-line fused weapon sight combining image intensified and thermal imaging technologies to deliver enhanced 24 hr capability
  • KITE IN LINE (KIL) - Image Intensified Weapon Sight - KITE IN LINE is an in-line Image Intensified weapon sight designed for use in military environments.
  • DRAGON-Sniper 640 - Thermal Weapon Sight - DRAGON-S is a high performance in-line thermal weapon sight designed for use with a range of optical day scopes
  • DRAGON-C 640 - Thermal Weapon Sight - DRAGON-C is an ultra-lightweight, multipurpose thermal weapon sight.
  • Full range of Dragon Family Thermal Sights. Kite / Maxikite Family Stand Alone Image Intensified Weapon Sights. Marlin In-Line Image Intensified Weapon Sights.