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12 June 2016

Eurosatory 2016 EXPAL reveals SIMOX indirect fire simulator

EXPAL will showcase its SIMOX Indirect Fire Support Tactical Simulator at Eurosatory 2016 in Paris this week. The company has leveraged all the benefits of modern simulation technology to produce a trainer that caters for the requirements of a full mortar section and all its weapons crews.

The system provides for extensive instructor oversight and after action review in a highly realistic synthetic environment. Prepared scenarios cover a wide variety of mortar missions in the indirect fire support role, and include the capability for instructors to insert increasing levels of difficulty, including night firing or adverse weather conditions, thus providing trainees with the broadest possible opportunity to instil and rehearse essential skills.

SIMOX is an addition to EXPAL’s existing range of solutions for indirect fire support, which include the EIMOS 81mm mortar mounted on a 4x4 light tactical vehicle and the TECHFIRE information management system, both of which are already in service.

Also on show at Eurosatory will be EXPAL’s range of high performance artillery ammunition, with 20km ranges achievable from 105mm artillery systems and 40km from 155mm; counter-IED solutions; advanced materials engineering; and demilitarisation systems, in which the company has an extensive range of proprietary capabilities.