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14 June 2016

Eurosatory 2016: FFG Presents Sophisticated Solutions

FFG Flensburger Fahrzeugbau Gesellschaft is presenting its highly-efficient and impressive developments in the area of special armoured vehicles at this year’s Eurosatory. The centre of attention is the muli-role PMMC G5 vehicle alongside the multi-functional platform WiSENT 2, both designed to offer maximum crew protection with very high equipment variability.

WISENT 2 in engineer configuration. (Photos: FFG)

FFG has already sold the LEOPARD 2 chassis-based WiSENT 2 to several LEOPARD 2 using countries (Canada, Qatar, UAE, and Norway), which between them have taken the main part of the supply and service chain available. Clients are able to choose between engineer and/or recovery versions that can easily be changed on the vehicle within a few hours, thanks to a flexible design concept; i.e. in a very short period of time, the engineer version, featuring a state-of-the-art hinged arm excavator and high performance dozer blade for up to 400cum of earth moving work, can be transformed into an ARV, capable of lifting up to 32t with its crane or pulling up to 40t under protection using a winch.

PMMC G5 mine protected.

The crew’s safety and special mission adaptability are essential cornerstones of the multi-role PMMC G5. FFG provides different mission modules or variants of this system, always offering the perfect configurations for whatever task has been. The extensive use of MOTS and COTS products and the robust design of the vehicle, combined with a simple maintenance and service concept make PMMC G5 a very cost-effective solution with extremely low life-cycle costs. In the matter of IED and mine protection, G5, according to the company, sets new standards in its weight class, while its ballistic armour can be increased without problems by the use of optional add-on armoury.