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15 June 2016

Eurosatory 2016: GDELS Showcases Driving Power

General Dynamics European Land Systems (GDELS) present its latest tracked and wheeled vehicle technology and premiers two new vehicles at Eurosatory 2016: The new PIRANHA 3+, recently selected by the Swiss Army, and the new DURO 4X4, a revival of a legend. Under the motto “The Origins of the PIRANHA,” GDELS also celebrates 40 years of excellence in combat mobility and the original PIRANHA 1, the first Western wheeled armored vehicle, according to the company. All this is happening at their booth in hall 5, stand #G847.

The New PIRANHA 3+ Next Generation was developed in response to customer requirements for increased levels of protection, off-road mobility and inherent growth for the future, and recently selected by the Swiss Army for its Mortar Carrier programme. With a GVW up to 27t  and a payload of up to 10t , the new PIRANHA 3+ is presented in an Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC) configuration with dedicated seating for a crew of three (driver, gunner and vehicle commander) plus nine infantry soldiers. It is equipped with the new Oerlikon FIELDRANGER 20 from Rheinmetall Air Defence. This modern medium-caliber remote-controlled weapon station provides accurate and high fire power at a range of up to 2,000m with a wide range of ammunition types. The Swiss Army has selected the PIRANHA 3+ platform with the RUAG COBRA 120mm Mortar system for their Mortar Carrier programme.

The PIRANHA 5 has recently been selected by Denmark and Spain (read all about it here), and is displaying the vehicle in the APC variant with the Danish Army’s camouflage pattern and the Spanish Army’s armoured vehicle colour. The PIRANHA 5 provides payloads of up to 15t and is available in variants including APC, IFV, Direct Fire (up to 120mm), Mortar, Electronic Warfare, Ambulance, Reconnaissance, Command Post and other specific designed roles. The PIRANHA 5 can carry up to nine soldiers, plus driver and commander, provides significant payload capacity for additional material and the highest levels of survivability against conventional and asymmetric threats while having the capacity to fulfil all battlefield roles. At Eurosatory, the PIRANHA 5 also displays a SOTM (Satellite on the Move) by General Dynamics Mission Systems, which is demonstrated at the booth.

Building on its protection,  mobility, generous transport volume and high payload, GDELS presents the versatile family of EAGLE 4x4 and EAGLE 6x6: The EAGLE 4x4 ise displayed in a Patrol Vehicle configuration with an EOS 30mm Remote Weapon System; and the EAGLE 6x6 in a dual configuration of Protected Field Ambulance and Troop Carrier. Compact dimensions and the De-Dion Axle system with patented roll stabiliser make the EAGLE family of vehicles safe and secure to drive on any highway, narrow and winding roads, and the most difficult terrain. The EAGLE 4x4 and 6x6 are ideal for operating jointly in a wide variety of missions due to their commonality in mobility, protection and logistics.

Under the motto “Revival of a Legend,” GDELS presents the newest version of its proven DURO 4X4 vehicle. Building on its original design concept, the DURO 4x4 is now equipped with state-of-the-art automotive technology and is the ideal vehicle for high mobility, driving safety (on- and off-road), compact dimensions and flexible loading space for a wide range of military applications. The DURO 4x4 was initially designed and produced for the Swiss Army to replace a number of smaller and larger transport vehicles with a single transport platform. Over many years the DURO 4x4 has proven its qualities in mobility, reliability and flexible loading capacity for transporting personnel and cargo without the need to re-configure the vehicle. Over 50 special variants have been built for the Swiss and other Armies around the world.

 GDELS also displays the Spanish Army’s Forward Observer Vehicle (FOV), a member of the modern ASCOD family of tracked vehicles. The FOV's general observation capabilities have been designed for the most demanding battlefield requirements and enable scanning, detecting, locating, tracking and identification of targets for artillery groups, correction and adjustment of shooting, and damage assessment. The FOV can fulfill its mission both day and night and in conditions of poor visibility, bad weather and under electronic and electro-optical countermeasures. The FOV has an observation capacity of 360 degrees and is equipped with a System Aid for Navigation at all times. The ASCOD family of tracked vehicles includes the Spanish Army’s PIZARRO, the Austrian Army’s ULAN, and the British Army's AJAX. With its modular design and open architecture, the ASCOD family of tracked vehicles can be tailored to specific customer needs and requirements. These vehicles offer an affordable solution and maximum protection under NATO standards by being part of the Common Base Platform approach for all roles together with an innovative mine protection solution certified by independent entities. New main features include increased protection capabilities, high mobility (on- and off-road), enhanced ergonomics and improved comfort to allow combat readiness.

GDELS furthermore manufactures high-performance floating and dry gap bridge solutions with great loading capacity, flexibility and mobility, and presents two solutions for highly mobile light and medium land forces at the show. The Medium Trackway Bridge (MTB) is presented on an EAGLE 4x4 with a Remote Weapon System, prepared and suitable for patrol and convoy missions. The MTB and its adaptable launcher is a modular all-purpose solution that provides bridge lengths of 4, 6 or 8m for loads up to MLC40. The Infantry Assault Bridge (IAB) enables light and airmobile forces to cross wet and dry gaps. Additional information will be available on the M3 Amphibious Bridging and Ferrying System and the Improved Ribbon Bridge (IRB), modern, fast and high performing floating bridge systems.

For more information please see MILITARY TECHNOLOGY #06/2016, available at the show in hall 6, stand #B197; and frequently check back for more NEWS FROM THE FLOOR.