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12 June 2016

Eurosatory 2016: Gentex ballistic protection innovations

At Eurosatory 2016 in Villepinte, Paris, this week, Gentex Corporation will showcase its Ops-Core FAST LE High Cut and Sentry LE Mid Cut helmet systems. Offering enhanced protection against a full range of ballistic, blunt trauma and blast threats, the FAST and Sentry LE helmet system platforms are designed for global military, security forces and law enforcement personnel.

Ops-Core FAST LE High Cut Helmet System

Ops-Core Sentry LE Mid Cut Helmet System

Both helmet system platforms stay true to the revolutionary design of the Ops-Core product line, providing advanced modular protection through lightweight design. Offered at an economical price, the helmet system platforms feature an Ops-Core Skeleton™ Shroud for universal compatibility with most night vision goggle mounts, Accessory Rail Connectors (ARC) and an external Velcro® loop. Optimal scalability is added through the addition of visors, mandibles and ballistic appliqu├ęs, allowing the user to adjust the level of protection to meet their mission needs.

Compatible with all Ops-Core ARC configured helmet systems, the new ballistic Ops-Core Handgun Face Shield, which defends against impacts from handgun threats, will also be highlighted. The Handgun Face Shield is ideal for mission protection against threats often encountered by law enforcement and military personnel during forced entry/breeching operations and riot control situations.

The FAST and Sentry LE helmet systems and accompanying Handgun Face Shield will be adopted by various global security and law enforcement forces over the next few months”, said Tom Short, the company’s vice president for ground systems. “The introduction of the Ops-Core FAST and Sentry LE helmet systems exemplify Gentex Corporation’s continued effort to expand our product offering, allowing us to offer a full range of innovative solutions that meet the need of our diverse customer base”.

Gentex will also introduce a new generation of Combat Vehicle Crewman (CVC) helmets for both marine and ground operations. The CVC helmet system is integrated with a new liner co-designed by Bose® and Gentex, featuring the Bose Product Improved Combat Vehicle Crewman (PICVC) Active Noise Reduction (ANR) Communication Head-Set.

In addition, Gentex will highlight its new brand of hearing and communications products as a result of the late 2015 acquisition of the Aegisound® range of products, which significantly improve hearing protection, safety and communications in high noise environments, and increase the company’s contribution to the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter programme.