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16 June 2016

Eurosatory 2016: High-Power Irritation and Search Light From Japan

The cause for the development of the ALPHA-1 portable, ultimate high intensity LED Searchlight (80W) were the disasters in Japan five years ago. At that time rescue forces had no sufficient power lights for the search and rescue task. So Japan Cell started to develop the ALPHA-1. But it is more than just a search light, so it can be used for disaster relief, border protection (guard and monitoring), riot control (strobe function with blinding effect), anti-drone (sensor blending), vermin control or just illumination of the night. The system consist of the ALPHA-1 lamp (3.9kg), two batteries, a battery charger, a sling and a hard case for storage and transport. As options a tripod and external power supply unit is available. The lamp is dust- and waterproof (IP66) and has two modes: continuous light and blinking/strobe. The body is made of aluminium and offers a zoom (2° to 14°). The lifetime of the light source is 10,000+ hours. On battery is good for 50min. of continuous light. The extreme high power light is achieved thanks to the special lamp configuration and the special battery management. Three picatinny rails offer offer the use of all kinds of extra sensors, e.g. laser/laser rangefinder, optical sights and magnifier, video and photo camera, etc.

The ALPHA-1 just reached the status of series production and is already used by the Japanese Defence Forces, Fire Departments, Law Enforcement Agencies and also export users. It has a weapon grip, like a FAMAS.

For more information please see MILITARY TECHNOLOGY #06/2016, available at the show in hall 6, stand #B197; and frequently check back for more NEWS FROM THE FLOOR.