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14 June 2016

Eurosatory 2016: Kermel Specialises in High Tech Textile Solutions

Kermel specialises in providing technical textile solutions that protect against heat and flames. KERMEL aramid fibre can be used in each layer of a garment: the fabric outer shell, the membrane support, the thermal barrier and the lining. After dedicating more than 5% of its turnover to R&D, Kermel has created high tech textile solutions that protect users exposed to heat and fire risks:

  • KERMEL Code C7 fabrics for camouflage combat suits: With more than 40 years of combat suit development for troops around the world, Kermel has the answer to the real requirements of the soldier on the field: KERMEL Code C7®. It is essential that soldiers feel comfortable in their clothes and, as they are often also carrying weapons, electronics or batteries for e.g., finding an optimal weight for combat suits is key. KERMEL Code C7 is a thermostable, strengthened fabric which has very high durability on the field, while also being very light and very resistant at the same time.
  • Protective clothing for law enforcement and public order: the main innovation here is the light weight of our jackets, which are now perfectly adapted to hot climates. And as KERMEL fibre is inherently non-flammable, these public order suits are permanently fire-resistant as well as being resistant to molotov cocktails. Specific protective clothing have been developed for national and local police forces, as well as for “gendarmerie”.
  • And plenty other tailor-made flame resistant solutions such as FR camouflage types, flight suits, coveralls for tank crew, sweat absorbent FR knits etc. for Armies and the Navy.