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13 June 2016

Eurosatory 2016: Latest Advancements and Developments of its Acoustic Multi-Mission Sensor

Microflown AVISA’s mission at Eurosatory is to provide complete 3D acoustic situational awareness on booth #B390 in Hall 6, and showcases the latest advancements and developments of its Acoustic Multi-Mission Sensor, being deployed on various platforms.

Lightweight, easy deployable Compound Protection System locating Small Arms Fire (SAF) and Rockets, Artillery and Mortars (RAM), which can be used to secure military outposts, camps, checkpoints and border protection. (All Graphics and photos via Microflown Avisa)

Vehicle Based Gunshot Localization System (V-AMMS) – Combat proven since 2015. It was fielded with the Dutch Armed Forces, showing outstanding and reliable results. 

The Clip On Acoustic Pointer is a complete stand-alone device that can be clipped on the airofoil of any fixed wing mini-UAV (pusher or puller) without affecting its flight performance and/or structural integrity.

Rapidly detecting and locating threats can not only save lives but also significantly enhance combat effectiveness. Microflown AVISA’s acoustic detection system can spot range of battlefield threats, such as small arms fire, rockets, artillery and mortars. This outstanding and new technology can also measure the direction of the hostile shooter, to an accuracy of 1.5 degrees.