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13 June 2016

Eurosatory 2016: Multi-configuration lightweight shelters for diverse military and mission-critical applications

LS telcom’s subsidiary Colibrex (Hall 6, #JH527) has introduced a new customisable shelter solution for military purposes. The new ShelTec protective shelters, are designed to host electronic warfare (EW) operation centres, command and control centres, mobile and stationary outpatient units, as well as maintenance and service entities.

A possible ShelTec Design Container Solution.

Colibrex adapts the ShelTec Design containers to the requirements and applications of the customer. As opposed to corrugated, the ShelTec container walls are “sandwich” panels made of smooth and sutureless aluminium sheets with a middle layer of insulating foam. Number, size, and position of entry panels, windows and other openings are completely customisable. The interior can be fitted with any type of equipment and facilities. The ShelTec Design meets shielding requirements from 150 kHz to up to 6Ghz with an attenuation of up to 60dB.

The lightweight aluminium enables transportation of the units by several means; truck, plane and helicopter. The units can be equipped with an electrical lifting jack for autonomous lifting and loading and can be crane hoisted or fork lifted.

“With our ShelTec Design containers we are serving a niche market. The units are durable and withstand extreme weather conditions, indispensable for military deployment and other sensitive applications. The special appeal of the ShelTec Design containers lies in their mobility and adaptability. The units can be adapted for serving many different purposes. At the same time, we can produce very small quantities at competitive prices,” explains Luc Haeberlé, Managing Director of Colibrex.

ShelTec Design shelters are part of LS telcom’s portfolio of containerised solutions for sensitive equipment:
·         M-Design
o   Broadcast transmitter containers for low-, medium- and high-power RF transmitters,
o   Steel standard shelters based on maritime containers including chromadek inner panels for insulation and
o   the very robust enclosures and the roof are able to withstand extreme weather conditions associated with RF transmission sites
·         and their lightweight counterpart FP-Design (Flat Pack) portable shelters for remote broadcast sites:
The different components of these including the roof and base can be carried up to very remote sites by hand and the complete RF transmission shelter will only be fully assembled and deployed at the site. The flat pack containers are available in all sizes and equipped with all extra facilities that RF transmission shelters need.

The shelters can be used for broadcasting facilities (studio &transmission), two-way radio communication networks, general telecommunication applications, standby generators and hybrid power supply systems, mobile clinics/laboratories, data centres and connectivity access centres.