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14 June 2016

Eurosatory 2016: NATO Energy Security Centre of Excellence Awarded

On 7th June, Energy Transition Trophy 2016 awards were held in Paris, France, organized by Usine Nouvelle, the main professional Press Group in France ( in the areas of factories, energy, renewable, energy transition building, mobility, etc). During the event NATO Energy Security Centre of Excellence was acknowledged for its Hybrid Power Generation System (The HPGS) and awarded in Renewable Energy category over 130 projects in competition.
The presented project was the HPGS – a hybrid power generation system that would replace gasoline generators and decrease fuel using by around 30 percent. The hybrid modular system of production and management of energy is now being used by Lithuanian Armed Forces for experimental period and will soon be deployed for the first time in internation exercise „Sabre Strike 2016“.

The Deployable Modular Hybrid Power Generation and Management System uses conventional fuel and renewable sources, such as wind and solar energy. The electricity power obtained through renewable sources is charged into batteries for storing it there. The system will be used to improve energy efficiency and diminish dependence from conventional power sources decreasing the logistic footprint of troops in operation, creasing by the same risks associated, cost and need of escort of logistic convoys. The new system is capable of supplying power to a 100 size headquarter, hospital of equivalent unit.
The Deployable Modular Hybrid Power Generation and Management System was developed on Canadian funding. Canada made a contribution of CAD 1 million to the project of the NATO ENSEC COE on the basis of its growing relevance in the region.

This Deployable Modular Hybrid Power Generation and Management System is based on the CrossPower solution by PFISTERER, that can be seen at Eurosatory. It was developed in cooperation with the NATO Energy Security Centre of Excellence. After the delivery of one system it was handed over to the Lithuanian Army for testing. After these trials they will bring it into the mission of Mail, by 2017.

The 150 kW CrossPower system is good for a field camp of 200 to 250 soldiers (only power) and can be packed and transported in two 10’’ container – one of the main requirements of the NATO. It includes a container with photovoltaic (25 kW – 40m width panels) and a second one with the management system, switchboard, batteries (100 kWh), a wind generator (7,5 kW) and two diesel generators (each 70 kW). The management system makes sure that the whole system works as efficient as possible and it needs no service – except sometimes a diesel refill for the generators. The photovoltaic is also available as a trailer solution. The management system also compensates the start-up peak.

The CrossPower System is scalable from 50 kW up to 5,000 kW (but then less mobil). As additional modules hydroelectric power plant, the fixed energy grid or SMARTFLOWER can be integrated.