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14 June 2016

Eurosatory 2016: Netline Introduces Next-Generation RF-Based Countermeasures

In Hall 6, Stand #D630, Netline Communications Technologies (NCT) launches an RF-based counter-drone system and a compact airborne COMJAM system. The portable C-GUARD DRONENET system provides 24/7 reliable RF detection and mitigation of drones and quad-copters. The company’s WOODPECKER LIGHT COMJAM system is ideal for stand-in COMJAM missions in enemy territory.

Portable C-GUARD DRONENET System provides 24/7 reliable detection and mitigation of drones and quad-copters. (Screenshot: Netline)

According to Yallon Bahat, Netline's CEO, “the two new solutions we are presenting at Eurosatory were developed in order to offer our customers the most advanced solutions that current technologies can provide. The issue of detection and identification of drones, especially small ones, is a critical one today in the defense, security, civil and HLS sectors, and DRONENET provides an ideal solution to that problem. On the other hand, the use of UAVs for COMJAM missions is growing, and therefore our efforts were focused on technology miniaturisation to suit the smallest UAV with an airborne version of WOODPECKER LIGHT."

The C-GUARD DRONENET system is comprised of RF sensors, which rapidly scan the environment, detect and identify potential threats in the area of interest. Upon detection, it classifies the threat and alerts the user. The system supports large-scale installations (e.g., borders, critical facilities, etc.) using a network of sensors, monitored and controlled by a centralised C4I, with a flexible interface which enables the customized definitions of regulations and policies. Delivering day/night weatherproof RF detection, DRONENET covers all commercial UAV frequencies (20MHz-6GHz), and does not require LOS (Line Of Sight). As a second layer, the C-GUARD DRONENET enables the user to activate several mitigation methods to neutralise the threat.

WOODPECKER LIGHT is a Communication Jamming (COMJAM) family of systems that analyses the RF spectrum as configured to identify, classify and block numerous threats simultaneously. The lightweight system consists of modular elements and is available in a variety of sizes to fit various platforms from mini-UAVs (this version is presented at Netline's booth) to large airborne, shipborne or ground platforms. Main features include stand-in jamming capability and low power consumption.
The technology developed for the so-called FN Herstal FCU has later been exploited in the Noptel LRF modules. The family of LRF modules comprises units from small 20 gram unit up to 500g high performance unit. Typical measurement range for the smallest units is 1-3km and for the high performance units 5-10 kilometres.

Noptel is presenting the latest LRF technology at the FN Herstal Booth, Belgian Pavilion, Hall 6, Stand #F197.