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13 June 2016

Eurosatory 2016: New Combined Air Conditioning and Power System for Tents and Shelter Systems

Fischer Panda has recently launched their latest combined air conditioning and power system: The Panda 45i CANTOR, which combines electrical power and ECU for tents and mobile shelter systems. A 36kW generator features the very efficient and environmentally friendly 'variable speed technology' (VSCF). Electrical loads are supplied with a constant output voltage via an inverter. The speed of the diesel engine is adjusted according to the changing power requirements; thanks to the inverter the output voltage always remains constant.

Fischer Panda’s new Panda 45i CANTOR combined air conditioning and power system. (Photo: Fischer Panda)

This means that for most load profiles exhaust emissions and fuel consumption are up to 20 % lower than with a traditional fixed speed generator of equivalent rating when handling varying loads.
Additional benefits include a pure sine wave output with exceptional voltage and frequency stability. The Panda 45i CANTOR provides perfect conditions to power computers and communication equipment. Low noise during operation is ensured by effective sound shielding. Fuel is supplied from a 40l external fuel tank with quick release connectors. On request, versions with internal fuel tank or supply directly via a vehicle's fuel tank are possible. Heating and cooling is provided by two water-cooled 10kW compressors which are driven directly from the generator. Optionally they can be mechanically driven by the engine. The cooling performance of 4-20kW can be automatically regulated stepless from 0-100 percent. The ECU provides a cooling air flow of up to 6000cum per hour. Besides cooling, the Panda 45i CANTOR offers highly efficient heating featuring a heat recovery of up to 35kW. No additional fuel for heating operations is required. If warm water is required, the electrical heating performance is 10kW.

The 45i CANTOR can be operated in an environmental temperature -20°C to to +50°C.
At Eurosatory 2016, Fischer Panda also showcases their Panda 8000 Combo FENNEC, which comprises a generator and an ECU for the use in mobile shelters of wheeled or tracked vehicles or ISO corner casts. The energy system supplies 6kW electrical and 8kW cooling. Fuel is either provided externally; alternatively, the combined generator and ECU can be connected to the fuel tank of the vehicle. The FENNEC is mounted at the front side of a vehicle mounted tactical shelter. The evaporator and a small operator panel are the only components that are placed inside the container. The Panda 8000 Combo FENNEC is suitable for operation in harsh temperatures -32°C to +60°C.