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15 June 2016

Eurosatory 2016: New Finnish orders for Saab training systems

During Eurosatory 2016 Saab announced the award of a new contract with the Finnish Armed Forces for the delivery of BT46 training systems.

When the Finnish Army ordered 100 LEOPARD 2A6 main battle tanks from the Netherlands in 2015, they were delivered with BT46 training systems included. The fresh order provides for an upgrade of the system, which will then enter service with the armour brigade at Parolannummi and the KASI mobile training centre site at Säkylä. Included in the contract are new control panels, Computer and Interface Units (MVI), transport boxes, cables, Finnish manuals, new tactical radio interfaces and a support contract.

The BT46 system is a proven simulator system for fire training with a wide range of weapons and with realistic and tactical combat exercises in field. The system has already been delivered to more than 20 countries and more than 7,000 vehicle simulators have been delivered in over 100 applications worldwide.

Saab provides the Finnish army with expert training support at KASI, empowering its deployment to training sites. This provides soldiers and officers in the Finnish Army with exceptional resources for tactical training at all levels. The KASI system, a national training resource, can be deployed ar any location in Finland and is used for the pre-deployment training of international missions as well as supporting regimental combat exercises.

Finland has used Saab´s training simulators since 1980 and in the mobile combat training center (KASI) since 2004. The Finnish Defence Forces can now train up to battalion and brigade level, which really strengthens their capability in the field”, Anders Gardberg, head of Saab in Finland, said.