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13 June 2016

Eurosatory 2016: Premiers by Mercedes-Benz

At Eurosatory Mercedes-Benz Defence Vehicles are showcasing their broad range of payloads from 0.5 t to 75 t for logistical and tactical tasks – altogether ten vehicles, plus various vehicle bodies and conversions for customers in the armed services and authorities and organisations performing security tasks.
The product range includes a variety of trucks of different sizes and payloads, and also engines for all fuel classes and emission standards for logistical and tactical tasks. Numerous models are available to the Euro VI emission standard, and these can be registered under all legislative conditions. Premiers are: Arocs 2643 LS 6x4 semitrailer tractor, Zetros 3643 AS 6x6 semitrailer tractor with HPC dual cable winch system, UNIMOG U 5000 with folding roof and platform body, G-Class G 350d Professional "White Fleet" and a study of a Special Forces 4x4 based on the LAPV 6.1.

An overview of the exhibits:
·         Arocs 2643 LS 6x4 semitrailer tractor
·         Actros 4661 AS 8x8 semitrailer tractor with Rotzler dual cable winch system (25t each) and a rear cooling system for hot environments
·         Zetros 3643 AS 6x6 semitrailer tractor in EURO 6 with HPC dual cable winch system
·         Special Chassis FGA 14.5
·         UNIMOG U 5000 with folding roof and platform body – already sold to one customer for their SOF. This is an EURO 3 vehicle, but it also offered as an EURO 5 version. The UNIMOG has a long history as a “mother support” vehicle for SOF.
·         UNIMOG U 4023 with demountable "Paramedic" body
·         Sprinter 319 CDI 4x4 for passenger transport
·         The new Light Armoured Patrol Vehicle LAPV 6.1 – that was developed in cooperation with the Bundeswehr and offers a ballistic protection Level 2+.
·         G-Class G 350d Professional "White Fleet" – all military applications can be quickly removed, so it can be sold to the civil side
·         Study: LAPV 6.1 for special forces – a series product could be available in 12 to 18 month, depending on the customer requirements

Based on long-standing, well-proven assemblies and components from large-scale series production, these vehicles are tailor-made to customer requirements and stand for traditional Mercedes-Benz values such as reliability, robustness, cost-effectiveness and safety. They confirm the expertise and tradition of Mercedes-Benz in development, production and worldwide customer service for its trucks, vans and off-road vehicles. The vehicles and variants on display are striking examples of a product portfolio designed for logistical, tactical and, where required, protected vehicles.
International assignments require commercial vehicles with individual solutions in terms of protection, mobility and payload, enabling them to fulfil a wide variety of tasks. As the world's largest manufacturer of commercial vehicles, Mercedes-Benz has an extensive product portfolio for military payloads raging from 0.5 t to 75 t, with which practically any logistical and tactical need can be cost-effectively met. Mercedes-Benz offers a wide choice of all-wheel drive vehicles ranging from off-road vehicles, vans and trucks with special military equipment in the Atego, Actros and Arocs model series to the Unimog and Zetros off-roaders and the heavy-duty tractor units in the Actros and Arocs series.
The service programme Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) ensures customer support throughout the lifecycle of these vehicles. Customer-specific solutions are developed by designated ILS managers on the basis of the worldwide service network. These range from commercial best-practice to complete, dedicated military solutions according to the military ILS standards.