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14 June 2016

Eurosatory 2016: Product Launches by Thermoteknix

Thermoteknix introduce the TiCAM 1000 Laser Range Finder Target Locator System and is also showing the FuseIR Fused Night Vision – a technology demonstrator.

The TiCAM 1000 is a hand held camera with high resolution uncooled thermal imager, direct view visible channel with colour CCD, GPS, digital magnetic compass, laser range finder and digital storage. The high accuracy target locator is designed for all types of observation, surveillance, target location and reporting with wired and wireless interfaces to battle management systems.

Thermoteknix specialise in the design and development of a wide range of thermal imaging and night vision systems and the new TiCAM 1000 supplements the existing TiCAM product line up which includes the miniature 150g TiCAM 90 helmet mount camera through to the full target locating capability of the TiCAM 1000.

Thermoteknix Managing Director Dr Richard Salisbury stated "This is a significant addition to the TiCAM range of thermal imaging systems which cover all major aspects of land operations. The TiCAM 1000 delivers accurate target location in a robust package combined with Thermoteknix XTi Shutterless Technology and minimal power consumption with the benefits of small form factor and low power consumption using off the shelf batteries."

FuseIR is the latest development in the world of night vision offering superior detection and identification capabilities in a compact and lightweight package.
Handheld/helmet-mounted FuseIR combines image intensification (I2) with thermal imaging. The fusion of the two technologies (Fused Night Vision) offers a unique combination going beyond capabilities of separate I2 and thermal imaging devices to enable detection and identification of targets in all conditions including low light, complete darkness, dense cloud coverage, heavy forest/jungle, inside buildings, in fog/smoke as well as in brightly lit urban environments or through glass.

FuseIR is based on the latest generation, high sensitivity and high frequency responsive intensifier tube combined with a Thermoteknix MicroCAM 3 thermal imaging core. It is the only enhanced night vision device with Thermoteknix patented Shutterless XTI Technology, so has no moving parts, is completely silent in operation and is ‘Never Blind’. Supporting a variety of operating modes including I2 only, I2 with full thermal (fused) as well as thermal edge enhancement, FuseIR weighs just 300g.
Other fused night vision devices have limited coverage of the Field of View (FoV) resulting in diminished situational awareness and non-detection of potential threats. FuseIR’s 40° FOV matches the optimum for goggle usage with real time image update that avoids image lag and nausea which can occur with other devices that have slower frame rates/integration time.